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Welcome to Ringwood, New Jersey!

This site is designed to let my friends, relatives, and neighbors know what is going on in my life.  Most of my activities these days are involved with computer and network installation and repair.  My specialty is with Windows based computers running Windows 7 or higher.  Most PCs and notebooks these days are running Windows 10.  Microsoft recently came out with its latest Windows 10 major upgrade to version 1903 in late May, 2019.  I handle all kinds of problems from virus infections to hardware failures and upgrades.  Sometimes a system will just be sluggish from too much unneeded software running in the background and be in need of a tune-up.  I've worked with quite a number of Ringwood residents and all of my facebook reviews have been positive.  My primary focus for this site is to present information on my activities/business for installing and repairing computers, printers, and networks.  Some pages are dedicated to my avocations such as the Ringwood Board of Education where I served 12 years with 2 and 1/2 years as president.  I also have 2 pages dedicated to my now defunct Proactive Publishing business.  Some services are still available.

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Things to consider!

1.  I charge only $20.00 per hour for work on Windows based computers and networks with no minimum charge.  Many companies would charge you $150.00 just to walk in your front door.

2.  I can work at your home or mine.  I get more done for less payment at my home since I don't have to stay glued to your system.  At my home, I can start a process on your notebook/PC and walk away to work on another project.

3.  On notebooks, I always need the unit and power supply.  With desktop PCs I only need the unit itself.  I always need passwords for logging on to Wiondows and possibly email address and password.

Communities & Forums -- Coming Soon!

New_Image Feel free to comment on my philosophy and I may post your concerns.  I'll consider posting submissions expressing opposing views, but they must be signed and they may be edited for language and appropriate subject matter.

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